Our company has been built with flexibility in mind. Over both of our sites, there are more than 30 blending tanks and cooking kettles designed to offer various sizes in production.

Our strength is in TOLL MANUFACTURING your formulation, and packaging the material into your preferred pack size.

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CookingOur specialty is the ability to cook high performance polyurethane prepolymers in vessels which we call KETTLES. These cooks are chemical reactions. These are mostly used in the production of polyurethane elastomers, or as intermediates for polyurethane adhesives, sealants and coatings.

We currently have kettles ranging in capacity from 100kg to 16,000 kg.

All kettles are highly temperature controlled to ensure materials are cooked with a high degree of accuracy


CookingBlends are materials which are mixed together at room temperatures in a physical reaction as opposed to the chemical reaction of cooks. We manufacture our blends in vessels we call TANKS.

We can currently blend materials in tanks ranging from 60L to 10,000L in size.

Filled Blends

CookingSome of our tanks are fitted with high speed dispersers and wall scrapers, allowing us to blend materials with a high filler loading. Fillers are often added for reasons varying from improving fire retardancy of materials, through to simply lowering the overall cost of the chemical.

Cold Storage

CookingWe have two on-site freezers which can store over 500 x 200L drums at -15°C. Although these freezers are used to store chemicals used in our manufacturing process, we will happily consider storing other frozen chemicals on a warehousing rate.

Flammable Cooking and Storage

CookingSamos Dio contains Australia's newest Class 1 rated Flammable cooking area. This allows us to make materials which contain flammable items like solvents, in a purpose built area.

The capacity of the kettles in the Class 1 rated area are 600L, 4000L and 16,000L.

In order to support this area we are able to warehouse hundreds of drums of flammable raw materials and finished stock in our accredited internal flame proof storage area.

Melting Capacities

CookingOften raw materials used in the cooking processes are solid in their normal state. We have an enormous amount of melting capacity on-site in the form of "hot boxes" which are both steam and electrically operated depending on the melting capacity required.


CookingSamos Ena and Dio both contain purpose built chemical storage warehouses.